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The Outdoor University was born in 1998 when Rick began working with a
local community college and conducting adult short courses on various
outdoor skills. The college representatives that Rick worked with began
to refer to the sessions as "Outdoor University" classes. The name

Today the Outdoor University consists of 19 independent outdoor skill
modules than span many topics. The Outdoor University has grown far
beyond its initial beginnings and Rick now presents his seminars at
major sporting goods retailers around the country and on five college
campuses. You can find a listing of the current classes being offered.
More modules are being developed.
Classes are designed for beginners, but experienced outdoor enthusiasts
can find up-to-date information they can use to make their time in the
field easier and more enjoyable. Special sessions are available for kids
and those who want to enjoy the outdoors, but may be challenged by
physical limitations. 
Look through the curriculum and see if there are any sessions that might
be of interest to you, your business or your institution. Contact Rick
for scheduling and pricing.

Current Curriculum:

Camp Cooking 
A review of all types of camp cooking, from campfires to portable 
grills. This session will include cooking tips and recipes.

Dutch Oven Cooking 
A specialized type of camp cooking, this session will cover the various kinds of Dutch ovens, help attendees with selecting the right Dutch oven for them, demonstrate some quick/easy dishes and offer some simple recipes that anyone can use to get started in this style of cooking. 

Predator Calling
Learn how to use mouth calls, electronic calls and motion decoys to
attract predators like coyotes, bobcats (mountain lions) and raccoons.
They will also be some discussion on calling species like crow. The
session will cover where to look for predators, where to set up, calling
techniques, use of camouflage and selecting the right firearm and
ammunition for your style of hunting.

Spring Turkey Hunting
A review of laws and regulations, demonstration of different sounds of turkey calls, a review of new gear and equipment for the turkey hunter and some "practice time” so attendees can work on their calling techniques.

Fall Turkey Hunting
There is quite a difference in how you hunt turkeys at different times of the year. This session addresses those differences and provides tips and techniques that the attendee can use to increase their chances for success.

Deer Hunting
A review of laws and regulations and a look at new gear and equipment for the deer hunter. This session will address selection of the proper firearm/bullet for deer hunting, safety discussions concerning deer stands, tips of tracking/trailing deer and use of calls and scents to attract deer.

Blackpowder Hunting
This session covers the various “primitive” hunting seasons in Nebraska that require the use of muzzleloading firearms. The class looks at the wide array of blackpowder firearms available to the hunter and addresses their specialized use.

A review of current laws and regulations, demonstration of different sounds that ducks and geese make, suggestions on the selection of shotguns, shotshells and chokes. The session will also address various decoy arrangements for a variety of hunting situations. There will be a review of new gear and equipment for the waterfowler and some "practice time” so attendees can work on their calling techniques.

Tent Camping
This session covers the various types of tents on the market, how they are rated for use and how to get the most in quality and comfort out of the tent you buy. The session will offer suggestions on what to look for when buying a tent and tips on what type of tent is best for your type of camping.

Car Camping
Packing up for a weekend family outing is a lot different than packing for a week long base camp in the mountains. This session is specifically designed with family camping in mind and will cover tent selection, camp stoves/grills, sleeping bags and other accessories that will make your time outdoors more enjoyable.

Lite Camping
This session is specifically designed for those who enjoy backpacking or bicycle camping/touring (a rapidly growing form of outdoor recreation). This type of travel and camping requires very specialized gear, and this session provides attendees with a chance to get some “hands-on” time with equipment they usually only see in catalogs. The session also covers suggestions for some excellent hike/bike trips in Nebraska.

Basic Fly Fishing
A look at flyfishing for those who are interested in the sport, but do not have a place to go and see equipment of practice using any of the gear associated with the sport. Nebraska offers some excellent flyfishing opportunities and this session opens the door to those opportunities to those anglers who wish to explore it.

Spring Fishing Tactics
Spingtime is “fishing time” for many Americans. This session will cover current laws and regulations and a look at new gear and tackle for anglers. This session will address selection of the proper tackle and provide tips on the kind of equipment to purchase for your intended style of fishing. There is a special segment on “Kid Fishing” needs and equipment. 

Catfishing, Fishing for Freshwater Trophies
Think what you want about catfish, but there are few other freshwater
species that can offer you the opportunity to hook into a 30-40 pound
fish on a regular basis. This seminar will cover the specialized tackle
you need to have to catch big catfish, techniques for rigging bait and
proven presentations that get big catfish to bite, tips on live bait Vs
prepared baits, the times to fish for big catfish and high percentage
areas to find these monsters of murky waters.

Get ready for an adrenaline rush. This class will get you pumped up
about catfishing! 

Fall Fishing Primer
Fish instinctively begin to feed heavily in the fall in anticipation the coming winter months. This session focuses on specific techniques that can help anglers maximize their time and success on the water. A special segment of this session is devoted to specialized lures and bait presentations that work well in the fall.

This workshop is a must for "hard-water" anglers. It covers basic and
advanced tactics you will need to know when ice fishing, plus you will
get to see equipment you'll need on the ice. You will learn a few simple
techniques for finding fish under the ice. Participants will get a
chance to see and use quick set rigs for pike, tip-up rigs for other
species and learn about new lures created especially for ice fishing.
There is also a special focus on safety, tactics for rescuing someone
who has fallen through the ice and dealing with hypothermia.

Outdoor Photography
Regardless of what kind of camera you have, you will be able to take better pictures when you are finished with this class. This session covers tips and techniques that are applicable to the most inexpensive point-and-shoot cameras to some of today’s most advanced digital systems. The session also addresses what type of camera may be best for you and the type of photography you intend to do. 

Bird/Wildlife Watching
A review of the various types of optics available to the consumer and assisting in the determination on what would be best for the customer. The session addresses different design features found on today’s optics and guides the customer toward making a more informed selection when purchasing new optics. This session focuses primarily on binoculars and spotting scopes.

Backcountry Emergencies
This seminar deals with handling emergencies while camping or hunting.  Special focus is put on some of the more common emergencies like burns, cuts, sprains and breaks. The session will also address such serious issues and shock, allergic reactions and gunshot wounds.