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Everybody is looking for an easier way to do something, or make things work better. Here is a selection of tips I’ve cataloged over the years that I hope will help you time outdoors be more enjoyable!

1.Duct Tape: In the outdoors, duct tape has many uses, particularly if you buy the “waterproof” kind (Although I question if any tape can be totally waterproof). If You don’t have some of this tape, get some. You can patch 
a rip in your tent, jacket or pants do emergency repairs to your 
boots, braid a small rope with it, even use it for first aid issues. 
Bright colored duct tape can be used to make trail markers, even 
tied on your hook to create a survival lure. 

2.Staying Warm: Some recent studies have shown that you can stay warmer if you crouch near the ground than by standing upright. The study proved that you can stay about 30 percent warmer using the crouching technique.

3.Cold feet:  When on stand, put some cardboard or a piece of old carpet under your feet. Wire mesh platforms used on most stands provide no break from the wind or shielding from the cold. Just the little bit of insulation provided by the cardboard or carpet can really help. You can also add a few layers of newspaper (paper towels will also work) in the bottom of your boots. Simply trim the paper to fit. About 4 layers of thin paper will amaze you, but not be so thick that it makes your boots tight on your feet. 

4.Bass Fishing: Fishing: Here is a tidbit of information I learned years ago from a veteran bass angler. The next time you’re out after largemouth, tie on a small crank bait, then tie on a larger crank bait about a foot behind the smaller one. From the perspective of a bass, it will look like the little bait is being chased. Instinct will take over and often cause a bass to strike. 

5.Eye Glasses: Don’t risk ruining a day in the field by having your glasses lose a screw and fall apart on you. Keep all the screws in place by dabbing on a small drop of clear nail polish to the threads of the screws before tightening them. The nail polish will lock the screw into place. Another preventative measure is to put a dab of super glue on the top of each screw. Put just enough glue on to cover the head of the screw, and just a bit of the surrounding frame. The glue forms a cap over the screw to keep it from backing out.

6.Quick Splinter Remover: It doesn’t get much simpler than this, 
and it works great for those little splinters and stickers that you can’t 
seem to see. Put a drop of Elmer's Glue-All over the splinter, let it dry, 
then peel off the dried glue. The dried glue grips the splinter and pulls 
it out as you peel it away. This is a great technique for use with kids!

7.Controlling Fleas: Is your hunting dog suffering with fleas? Looking for something that will kill the fleas, be safe for you dog and family…..and doesn’t cost a lot? Dawn Dishwashing Liquid will do the trick. Add a tablespoon per every five gallons of water to your dog's bath and shampoo the animal thoroughly. Rinse well to avoid skin irritations. It will get the fleas! 

8.Controlling Ear Mites. This is another affliction that hunting dogs and other pets occasionally experience. All it takes is a few drops of Wesson Corn Oil in your animal's ear... massage it in, then clean with a cotton ball. Repeat daily for 3 days. The oil soothes the sensitive skin inside the ear, smothers the mites, and accelerates healing.

9.Sleeping Bag Storage: Don't store your sleeping bag in stuff sack you use when you’re on the trail. Storing a bag in this manner for a long period of time can cause the bag's insulation to compress and loose its insulating value. To get the best possible performance out of your bag, fold it 3-4 times and store it in a large Zip-Lock bag or Tupperware type container. 

10.      Quick Fire Starter: If you want a dependable fire starter that works anywhere, every time, get yourself a tube of automotive trim adhesive.
It comes in a tube like toothpaste. To start a fire, squeeze out about 
an inch of the adhesive on the ground and light it with a match. 
This stuff is very flammable and it will burn anywhere you have 
enough oxygen to sustain combustion. Even if the wood you 
have is wet, this stuff will burn hot enough and long enough to 
get you a fire started. It works great in winter!

11.Hydrogen Peroxide: Carry a small spray bottle filled with hydrogen peroxide when you are tracking wounded game. When the blood trail gets lean, and you’re trying to figure out if you are actually looking at blood, spray the peroxide on the spots you’re looking at. If you’re in the right place, it will foam up as it reacts with the blood. 

12.Finding Fish: You can usually find fish after a 
heavy rain anywhere you can find water running into a 
lake or stream. The in-running water is often full of new 
nutrients and it set the food chain in motion. Small fish 
come and the eat the nutrients, big fish follow the small fish.